Five Steps to High-Quality Surgery for Great Prices in Southern Utah


Medical tourism involves traveling outside of one’s home locality to receive medical or surgical treatment for a better price and quality than local hospitals and standard insurance coverages currently offer. This route has been an option for many years. as people who are discontent with their health care choices in their own area look elsewhere. While many have thought this option only involved traveling outside the country, domestic medical tourism has been flourishing within the United States. Learn why medical tourism in the United States can be a safer and more affordable option.

Medical Tourism in the United StatesThis form of medical tourism has been popularized by surgery centers within the U.S. that offer transparent cash pricing on their websites with all-inclusive costs for the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, anesthesiologist fee, and even total joint implant fees.

Those living in the Southwestern United States in areas such as Flagstaff, Sedona, or Scottsdale, Arizona may want better choices in price and quality than they can find in their hometowns. So, when facing the need for orthopaedic surgical procedures, they should consider taking the following steps to find a high-quality surgical facility with low bundled cash prices.

  • Check out to learn more about our orthopaedic surgery center in Southern Utah.
  • Click the link on the home page that will connect to a page where visitors can click on a body part and find bundled pricing for orthopaedic procedures on that particular body part.
  • For more information and to chat with Randy G. Delcore, MD about your orthopaedic needs, contact Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center directly by calling (435) 586-5131 or go to the bottom of the page for contact information and click on the email link to send a secure email.
  • Want more information about your orthopaedic issue? Go to American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website to get extensive, reliable medical information.
  • Want to throw some fun into your surgery travel? Check out all the wonderful activities and tourist destinations available near COSC and learn why Cedar City should be on the top of your list for medical tourism vacation destinations.

Domestic Medical Tourism is a great way to enjoy high-quality, low-cost surgery without an insurance company calling the shots and forcing you into a narrow choice of unnecessarily expensive physicians and facilities. Follow these five steps for a great orthopaedic surgery experience.