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An Open Letter to My Patients Who Have Insurance Coverage Through EMI

It has come to my attention that you have received an email from Educators Mutual Insurance, a company that acts as a third-party administrator for the Utah Public School system (a “self-funded program” supported by all of our tax dollars). I understand this email has advised you to start looking for another orthopaedic surgeon. They […]

Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center Works With Health Sharing Plans

Do you have a health sharing plan? Cedar Orthopaedic’s transparent pricing tool can work hand-in-hand with health sharing plans to provide affordable care that makes it easy to plan financially for surgeries. Call today at (435) 586-5131 to find out more. Healthcare Sharing Plans and Cedar Orthopaedic Health Sharing Plans have stood as a rare […]

Orthopaedic Surgery Meets Weight Loss

Orthopaedic surgery and weight loss are not often associated in the average person’s mind, and yet as the days of even stricter Medicare regulations are fast approaching, doctors who perform surgery on patients with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) may risk reimbursement cuts from Medicare. Why? Obesity is one factor, among several, that can […]

Would you save money by going to a doctor who publishes prices online?

Author: Jennifer Graham, Deseret News. For original article, visit deseretnews.com   SALT LAKE CITY — Dr. Rick Henriksen doesn’t wear a white coat, and that’s not the only thing that’s unconventional about his practice of medicine. Henriksen, a family physician in Salt Lake City, is embracing a new model of health care delivery, one in […]