COSC Featured in ASC Focus

Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center is excited and proud to be featured in the October 2017 issue of ASC Focus, a magazine targeted to members of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. The topic was the benefits of cash pay programs offered by several members of the association.

For those of you who are already familiar with COSC, this is not news. We have been offering cash pricing for orthopaedic surgeries since 2004, and our transparent pricing tool can be found here on our website. The tool can be used to find the price that includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist fee, facility fee, and joint implant cost for many orthopaedic procedures that include total and partial joint replacements.

As the United States grapples with issues of affordability for medical and surgical services, COSC stands on the cutting edge of making surgical procedures as low-cost as possible while maintaining high-quality service.