Orthopaedic Surgery Meets Weight Loss

Orthopaedic surgery and weight loss are not often associated in the average person’s mind, and yet as the days of even stricter Medicare regulations are fast approaching, doctors who perform surgery on patients with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) may risk reimbursement cuts from Medicare.


Obesity is one factor, among several, that can lead to surgical complications, and increase the cost of the surgical episode for patients who are considered obese. To hopefully overcome this obstacle, Randy G. Delcore, M.D., medical director for Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center, has found a solution that can put patients on the road to much healthier and happier lives. He has discovered the very innovative Obalon program of weight loss that requires no surgery whatsoever and can assist patients in achieving their weight loss goals and enable them to get the orthopaedic surgery they need to be more comfortable and mobile…big winners when it comes to quality of life.

To learn more about lowering one risk that can come with surgery, go to https://delcore.mystagingwebsite.com/obalon/.