Randy Delcore, M.D. has been using the minimally invasive posterior approach for 25 years, combined with mulit-modal non-narcotic anesthesia. Consequently, this allows for patients to be ambulating within an hour of surgery completion (consistently), and transitioning to discharge on the same day within 2-3 hours.  Additionally, there has been an exceedingly low dislocation rate and zero percent infection rate since 1995.


Finally, Dorr wrote that the same outcomes are possible whether a surgeon uses the posterior or anterior method.  He wrote that patients should base their choice of a surgeon on published data (if available) and his or her reputation in the community.

He listed the following as key elements in total hip replacement.  They are the primary determinants in the comfort and longevity of your hip implant.   As such, they are in the hands of your chosen surgeon.

  • Positioning of the implants
  • The biomechanical reconstruction of the hip

Delcore adds two other determinants in the comfort and longevity of hip implants.

  • Ensuring optimal fixation to substrate (whether uncemented and machining of a bone in-growth prosthetic, or cemented and adhering to gold-standard cementing techniques).
  • Fastidious attention to “stability” of the hip prior to coming off the table.

Dr. Delcore has been replacing hips for more than 30 years and personally favors the posterior approach.  While he performs this procedure at the local hospital, he has also been performing outpatient total hip replacements at Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center since 2005.  He treats local patients, those from out-of-town, and even medical tourists from afar. His bundled transparent pricing offers affordable care to all.

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