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Congressman Chris Stewart Visits Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center

Congressman Chris Stewart Visits Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center Dr. Randy Delcore, founder and medical director of Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center (COSC) located in Cedar City, Utah, welcomed US Representative Chris Stewart (UT-02) to his facility on November 12. Delcore talked with Rep. Stewart about a serious challenge the surgery center is facing in its rural […]

Five Steps to High-Quality Surgery for Great Prices in Southern Utah

  Medical tourism involves traveling outside of one’s home locality to receive medical or surgical treatment for a better price and quality than local hospitals and standard insurance coverages currently offer. This route has been an option for many years. as people who are discontent with their health care choices in their own area look […]

Medical Monopolies & Rising Surgery Costs

How much does the average knee replacement surgery cost – $16,000, $31,000, $90,000? In some markets, it can be all of these. Thanks to medical monopolies across the country, merging hospitals have banded together in order to SUPPOSEDLY bring better care to their patients. However, these mergers have resulted in skyrocketing health costs, and the […]

Three Benefits of Outpatient Surgical Care

Many orthopaedic facilities, mainly those attached to large health care systems, lead patients to the misconception that every orthopaedic surgery must be performed in a hospital. In reality, there are many orthopaedic procedures that can be performed in an outpatient setting, much to the benefit of the patient. If you’ve been considering options for your […]